Rogue One, Shuttles, and Testy Engineers

It’s been three months since Rogue One hit cinemas, and there’s another two-month wait until we’re able to watch it on our preferred home entertainment medium (I’m requesting a 5:4 ratio VHS copy with bad tracking and television commercials from 1993).


Rated ‘AO’ (Lucasfilm)

With its release, we can look forward to a whole host of new blog pieces about how the Star Wars universe ‘works’, and how it might be a reflection of our own world. What I enjoyed about Rogue One is that the Good Guys were hardly united, and the Bad Guys were riven with their own petty spats. For a movie about a giant planet-destroying superweapon, the rivalries were weirdly close to home.

On that note, I wrote about the issues of sustaining a certain Imperial Shuttle on the Angry Staff Officer Blog shortly after Rogue One was released. Doubtless I’ll write more once I’ve had a chance to watch, re-watch, live tweet, drunken tweet, and digest the film in the comfort of my own home. But for now, enjoy the trials and tribulations of the Empire’s middle management class!


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Air Mobility enthusiast and Star Wars fancier. All writings my own opinions and not those of my employers or associates.
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