Military Intelligence and the Star Wars universe

The first spaceship we see in 1977’s Star Wars is, ostensibly, a diplomatic vessel. It’s carrying Princess Leia, a Senator from Alderaan. It turns out however that this ship is also a cog in a military intelligence chain, receiving the stolen data about the Death Star.


That’s why it needs the dorsal radar dish. It’s for listening to secrets.

With that in mind, I wrote a post for Blog Tarkin on the use of military intelligence in the Star Wars movies. The movies are rife with examples (except for the prequels). I listed all of the examples I could think, and speculated about what I hope to see in Episode VIII.

download (1)

Emperor Palpatine might be one of the greatest spymasters in cinema, but I might leave that tangeant for another blogpost.


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Air Mobility enthusiast and Star Wars fancier. All writings my own opinions and not those of my employers or associates.
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