Eamonh – Summer Edition


What do Thunderbird 2, The Yom Kippur War, and a small Japanese fishing boat all have in common?

They’re all topics of forthcoming Blogposts I’m going to put out over the Christmas break. This period is traditionally when the paid bloggers take a well-earned break. I also want to try my hand at writing skills on subject matters which aren’t immediately motivated by work commitments. So despite my best efforts to keep you all entertained, this is as much for me as it is for the audience.

Despite my best efforts to not make this about my work, military airlift remains where passion currently lies. For Summer Edition, I’ve had a list running through my head these past few months, (spurred on by the Hushkit Blog), about the world’s great airlift operations. I’ll do my best to recount a couple here, plus look at some which didn’t quite make it, and a few other subject matters of interest.

For many of these subjects, I’m still reading up on, so the following blog posts will be spurred on by my limited understanding and research – hence, book and article suggestions on where I should look next are more than welcome.

To break up the monotony, I’ll link to a couple of videos and flash games I’ve found.

I’ll post the first link up on Boxing Day and follow through every other day or so in to the new year.


About eamonh

Air Mobility enthusiast and Star Wars fancier. All writings my own opinions and not those of my employers or associates.
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